• General Information

    Hotel representative contact number and fax number.

    ANTEROOM SEOUL representative number is 02)542-2300 and fax number is 02)542-2390

    Hotel location

    Anteroom Seoul is located near Garosu-Gil, Sinsa-Dong, and the address is 153, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

  • Room Information

    Available number of guests per room

    All guest rooms are available for two guests maximum. Please be reminded that extra bed and guests are not allowed.
    (However, one additional child under 6 years old is allowed to stay.)


    Bathtubs are only available in the Atelier rooms.


    Towel, hairdryer, slipper, electric kettle, pajamas, shampoo bar, bar soap, toothbrush and toothpaste set (sold separately), shaving kit (sold separately)

  • Check-in/Checkout

    Check-in and checkout times

    Check-in is available from 15:00, and checkout until 11:00

    Early check-in

    Early check-in is available with an additional fee of 20,000 won per hour.
    It is available from 12 pm, but the availability may vary depending on the check-in date. So please contact the front desk.

    Late checkout

    A late checkout fee of 20,000 won per room and hour will be charged.
    Please be aware that the above additional fee will be charged until 15:00 of your checkout day, and an additional fee equal to the full room rate will be charged after 15:00.

  • Breakfast


    Currently, Hotel Anteroom Seoul does not provide breakfast.
    (For group customers, please contact rsvn@anteroom.co.kr)

  • Facilities


    Internet access is available in all areas of the hotel (free Wi-Fi).
    Please notify the front desk when you experience a problem connecting to the internet.
    Please check the Wi-Fi instructions (ID/PW) inside the guest room for further information.

    Fitness center

    A fitness center is not available at the hotel. If you wish to use one, please contact the front desk for information on available fitness centers nearby.

    Convenience stores nearby

    There is a 7-Eleven located at a 1-minute walking distance from the hotel. Please contact the front desk for further guidance.

    Room service

    We do not offer room service at the hotel.

    Postal service

    We do not offer postal service at the hotel. However, it is available at a nearby convenient store. Please contact the front desk for further guidance.

    Regarding feather allergy

    We offer allergy-friendly rooms for guests with feather allergy conditions. Please notify the hotel regarding allergies at the time of your reservation

    Baby equipment rental

    Baby bed rails are available. If you want to set them up, please contact the hotel no less than 24 hours before checking-in. (Quantity: 4)


    Parking lot is available between 10:00 - 22:00. Parking is not available when the parking lot is full.
    We kindly recommend our visitors to use public transportation as the parking space is fairly limited (there are 11 available spots, both self parking and automated parking garage included).
    Please be reminded that no cars are allowed out of the parking lot between 22:00 - 10:00. If you wish to take your car out during those hours, please notify us in advance before you park. We apologize for the inconvenience in regards to the use of our parking space and kindly ask you for your cooperation.

  • Getting Here

    From Incheon International Airport (by bus)

    Take the bus 6009 from Incheon International Airport (Terminal 1, Terminal 2) and get off at ‘Sinsa-dong the Riverside Hotel,’ then walk towards Sinsa Station Exit No.8. Walk straight from Exit No.8 for about 8 minutes. (1 hour 40 minutes approx., depending on the traffic)

    From Incheon International Airport (by subway)

    Take the Airport Railway Express (AREX) from Incheon International Airport to Gimpo International Airport Station, transfer to Line 9 to Express Bus Terminal Station, and then transfer to Line 3 to Sinsa station. Get out from Exit No.8 and walk straight for about 8 minutes. (1 hour 30 minutes approx.)

    From Gimpo International Airport (by train)

    Take Line 9 from Gimpo International Airport Station to Express Bus Terminal Station, transfer to Line 3 to Sinsa Station, get out from Exit No.8, and walk straight for about 8 minutes. (45 minutes approx.)