In 2011, HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO opened its doors as a multifunctional complex of ‘hotel and residence’ after being renovated from a dormitory located in Kyoto. Focusing on the value of a district, ANTEROOM KYOTO brought a breath of fresh air to a backward area by presenting activities associated with ‘art and culture’ in the form of exciting projects and storytelling devices. Moreover, by continuing to work in close cooperation with young artists and creators, ANTEROOM KYOTO has now become a popular spot attracting visitors from all around the world. In 2020, ANTEROOM NAHA opens in Okinawa, Japan and ANTEROOM SEOUL in Seoul, Korea, working toward creating a special space joining together art and culture, neighborhood and district, and furthermore, different communities of Asia.


    The art direction is by Sandwich, a creative platform that continues to send their expressions transcending various disciplines of art, design, architecture, and more from Kyoto out to the world.

  • Art director

    Kohei Nawa (Director, Sandwich Inc.)
    Born in 1975. Sculptor. Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design. Nawa launched the creative platform SANDWICH in Kyoto, 2009. He explores new possibilities of sculpture by harnessing diverse materials and technologies while centering on his original concept ‘PixCell.’
    He has continued to cooperate with ANTEROOM KYOTO since its opening in 2011 and serves as an art director for ANTEROOM NAHA and SEOUL.

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    Marihiko Hara
    Resonant II

  • B1F
    Kengo Kito
    Cartwheel galaxy

  • B1F
    Mika Shinagawa

  • B1F
    Daisuke Ohba
    ONE-THE BATTLE STAGE 2012-2018

    ONE-THE BATTLE STAGE 2011-2018

  • B1F
    Takuro Tamura
    230 × 85 × 45 cm
    Mirror, Iron Pipe, FRP, Concrete
    Photo by Nobutada OMOTE | Sandwich

  • B1F
    Miki Akihiro
    by light

  • 18F
    Tsuchitori Fumika
    I and You

  • 1F
    Asami Kiyokawa

  • 18F
    Bea Sungyong
    Chondrite, SNR